Thomas and his crew have specialized themselves in organizing workshops in all sizes where they teach people to build from trash / recycled materials.

The workshops can involve anything from “learn to build a birdhouse” or “create your own christmas decorations” to being involved in building a big sculpture or art piece.

Thomas has made different workshops for anyone from school children to larger companies, always with recycling / upcycling in focus. If you would like to hire Thomas and his crew to do a workshop please contact him to get an offer.

Birdhouse Workshop

Thomas and his teams create and paint birdhouses from recycled materials. The birdhouses can be used in a sculpture, placed around the local community or just given to the participants to bring home

Recycled birdhouse mural sculptureKid makes recycle birdhouse at workshopSteve Powers makes birdhouse at workshopRecycled birdhouse sculpture

Builder workshops

Thomas and his team designs and builds recycle furniture, interior design and sculptures together with the participants. The participants are involved in everything, from ideation and design to building the installations.

Students Making recycled classroomMaking recycled classroom part 2Recycled classroom from scrapwood by Thomas DamboRemake hangout at recycled festivalRemake girl with drill

Plastic Carpet Workshop

Thomas and his teams teaches the participants how to make a recycle carpet, from thrown out plastic bags. The carpets can be made in all sizes.

Recycled plastic carpet workshop by Thomas damboKids making recycled plastic carpet 2Kids making recycled plastic carpetKids making recycled carpet from plastic bags

Christmas Workshop

Together with the participants Thomas and his team make a recycle christmas tree from old cardboxes. For the tree they make decorations from recycled materials such as christmas hearts from old carpets.

Recycled christmas tree made from cardboardRecycled christmas workshop by thomas damboRecycled christmas heart from christmas workshopRecycled christmas decorations made from trash

T-shirt workshop

The participants print their own T-shirts on 2nd hand T-shirts. This workshop is great for birthday parties, and events.

Recycled T-shirt Swag at workshopRecycled T-shirt workshop by Thomas DamboKids making recycled TshirtsRecycled Tshirts made by kids in recycle workshop
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