Big Rusty

Hainesport, New Jersey

For every piece of trash, she eats
she grows so big and thick
So careful not to feed the beast
one day, she might grow sick

Big Rusty is made from 100 square meters of rusty metal roof,
a plywood attic, different electrical equipment, a concrete wall, and wood.

Lost Finn

Vermont, South Londonderry

If you’ve gone confused and grey
They will help you on your way
Follow the birdhouses where the color shines so bright
Up the mountain down the valley dark stormy night

Benny the Beard Fisher

Germfask, Michigan

Benny’s beard can reach across the pond and through the river
Long and strong the beard will wrap around you like a twister
Trolls can grow a beard both as a baby, miss, and mister
But any troll will envy that on Benny the Beard Fisher

Rita the Rock planter

Victor, Cripple Creek, Colorado

A hundred suns is how long a nap takes for the trolls
When Rita woke again, her mountainside was full of holes
The humans must have dug them in their search for shiny rock
But someone could fall in, so Rita went to tidy up


Portland, Oregon

There’s something in the air that something makes my belly rumble
Something smells so strong it hits me almost makes me stumble
Could it be the little people cooking something smelly
In their cooking jar, so I can put them in my belly

Pia the Peace Keeper

Bainbridge Island, Seattle, WA

Pretty pretty please, let’s keep the peace beneath the trees
Hold you in my hand I will remind you with a squeeze
Quiet little people cause your criers make me tired
Pia likes to play with people, people they keep quiet

Bruun Idun

Lincoln Park, Seattle, WA

In the night, there was a storm, there at the beach where she was born
And Idun felt a feeling wrong, and so she walked there in the dawn
And in a flute, the magic horn, a tune so passionate and strong
She played for them an orca song to ask them where they all had gone

Jakob Two Trees

Issaquah, Seattle, WA

A thousand circle suns, not old
Time will stretch and loop and fold
So stop, breathe out, breathe in, behold
The trees have sung a story told

Frankie Feetsplinter

National Nordic Museum, Ballard, Washington

Frankie don’t like slimy fish, cause fishes are all so dumb
And Frankie don’t like little humans, humans are so dumb
Frankie don’t even like trolls, cause trolls are also dumb
But Frankie’s mouth’s the only one that says the word of dumb

Oscar the Bird King

Vashon Island, WA

He swam here from the island, where his momma once had birthed him
He walked a cross the mountains till his giant feet was Hurting
He spoke a crow and little girl, the Orca he heard him sing
He used to be a little troll, now Oscar is The Bird king

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