The Return of Hector el Protector

Culebra, Puerto Rico, 2019

In 2014 Thomas Dambo build Hector el Protector on the beautiful island of Culebra. Hector was throwing rocks at anyone wanting to hurt the island.

Unfortunately, Hector was knocked out when hurricane Maria hit the island.

The locals and visitors had grown very fond of their sculpture, and reach out to Thomas with a wish for him to resurrect their friend.

Thomas has a great love for the island of Culebra and its people, so together with them, he raised the necessary travel funds to go with his friends and recreate Hector in 2019.

Hector has learned from his violent ways and has now chosen another method of keeping the island safe. He now holds out a lantern, to show any future hurricanes that here lies a beautiful island, which they don’t need to hit.

Hector was built from scrap wood, and an old trash can with the help of the wonderful people of Culebra.

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