Sleeping Louis

Copenhagen, 2016

“FRIENDLY NOTE” Please be aware that Sleeping Louis is not located on the nearby camping site. It is a mistake from Google Maps. So please don’t disturb the nice campers, or walk through their property.

Sleeping Louis is a recycle sculpture Thomas Dambo made as a part of the larger project “Forgotten Giants”. The project consists of 6 large sculptures made in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Common for all sculptures is that they are made solely from local scrapwood and recycled materials, and made in a hidden beautiful location. This way it invites the viewers to go on a treasure hunt, not only to see the sculptures, but also to discover hidden gems in nature.

Sleeping Louis is taking a nap on a hill, covered in trees and nature, in a secret place in Rødovre outside of Copenhagen. People can crawl into his gaping mouth, and play or even sleep inside of him.

Sleeping Louis is made solely from local scrapwood scavenged by the Thomas Dambo team. To build the sculpture the team had help from a group of young volunteers from an organisation helping young unemployed people get work experience before reentering the work market. Thomas’ old assistant Louis from Bristol, England came back to Copenhagen for a visit, and worked hard to help finish the sculpture, why Thomas and the team decided to name the sculpture after him.

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