Remake Utopia

Copenhagen, 2013

Started as Thomas Dambos contribution to the international art festival, Images from 30 aug – 8 sep, 2013 in Copenhagen.

Remake Utopia is a hotel, a restaruant, a bar and 9 days with workshops all made of trash. This is from the nails holding everything together, to the food you eat, the paint, the chairs, the beer and the official t-shirt.

Artists and Designers with special skills in wood working, clothes cooking etc, joined the workshops to inspire other people to build something nice and useful, from the piles of different trash. Local shops and relevant industries were contacted to bring old bread, leftover wood and damaged clothes.

Thomas Dambo and a team of voulenteers colleceted trash at Roskilde Festival 2013. They found tons of wood, plastic pibes, sleeping bags for the hotel, 2000 beers, 600 cans of food, clothes and much more.

The hotel consists of 31 recycled wood boxes, and was put up in a local church.

upcycle chandelier made from beer pipesSign for recycle festival remakeHangout place from recycled materials


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