Remake Christmas

Copenhagen, 2015

Remake Christmas is a big and cozy recycled christmas house, where anyone can make their own gifts using only trash / recycled materials and their imagination.

The house and everything in it is build solely using recycled materials from local shops and industries. The house is build from scrapwood from the local Stark as well as old billboards, and for the materials for the workshops Thomas and his team got vinyl records, last years festival teeshirts, used carpets, left over prints, loads of scrapwood and much more from shops and organisations around Copenhagen. The volunteers running the workshop even eats leftovers from a nearby cantine everyday.

The house is open for 24 days from 11.00 – 19.00 untill the 20’th of december, and has had more than 20.000 visitors. thousands of which, has made their own christmas presents such as T-shirts, birdhouses, toys, accessories and much more.

Thomas made Remake Christmas because he thinks that christmas has become too materialistic, and wants to show that christmas presents don’t need to be something you buy, but can equally be something you make yourself, while being creative, even from other people’s trash.

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