Remake Christmas 2016

2016, Copenhagen

The Remake Christmas Village is the upgrade of Thomas Dambos project Remake Christmas from 2015.
In December of 2016 Thomas Dambo invited everyone to a sustainable recycle christmas in the Remake Christmas Village in the center of Copenhagen.
In the little village at Nytorv, build solely from scrapwood and recycled materials anyone could make their own christmas presents, decorations, christmas trees and much more, all from trash / recycled materials. The project was non profit and with free admission for anyone. Besides from the many christmas workshops the village also has a stage with green speaks and entertainment, an organic food truck and a mini market with sustainable goods sold by green entrepreneurs.

The Village was run with the help of more than 50 volunteers and financed by Real Dania, the city of Copenhagen, a range of private sponsors and Thomas Dambo himself.

The project was a great success, and in the 21 days it was open it had; more than 100.000 visitors, more than 60 school classes through workshops and more than 20.000 Christmas gifts made .

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