Genbrug 13 – Recycle Swap Shop

Copenhagen, 2015

The Genbrug 13 (Recycle 13), is a store concept Thomas Dambo made in cooperation with Rambøl Architects for a neighborhood in Brøndby outside of Copenhagen.

The store was made as a part of a project called “plant a seed”, which focuses on making new sustainable meeting places in neighborhoods supported by the minister of landscaping in Denmark.

In one week Thomas and his crew build the store together with people living and / or working in the neighborhood surrounding the store. On the first day they had a workshop for the local community where kids and there parents would join and help build and paint the store. Some kids even painted the background for the sign. During the week neighbors would drop by to lend a hand and donate stuff for the store such as clothes and toys. At the end of the week the store opened and a flea market was held.

The store is now run by local people, some who are retired and wants to get involved.

Besides from the blue containers it was build solely using recycled materials, from previous projects in the neighborhood and from a Tiger store.


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