Little Arturs

Morton Arboretum, Chicago, 2018

Little Arturs is one of 6 trolls in the exhibition “Troll Hunt”, the third major chapter of Thomas Dambo’s ongoing recycled troll project “The great story of the little people and the giant trolls, and the sequel to Thomas Dambo’s “The forgotten Giants” and “The Mountain Trolls”

In Troll Hunt, the trolls have gotten tired of the little humans continuous pollution and destruction of their beloved nature and decided to take matters into their own hands, and catch the little beings to teach them a lesson.

Little Arturs is the biggest troll in the forest, and have a sweet tooth for naughty humans. If you come to his forest and have bad intentions he just might put you on the menu.

Arturs and the other trolls are built solely using scrap wood, and other recycled materials.

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