For Smukfest 15 Thomas Dambo and his team made the interactive recycle space, Limbo Land.
To begin with they made a big cave from Scrapwood.

The cave had a flowing waterfall.

Curious people would walk through the maze inside the cave.

And find the colorful Limbo Land.

Here they would dance a lot of Limbo.

Go to the Limbo walk-in-closet.

Where they could get Limbo-pimped

And dance some more limbo on the limbo catwalk

This is the limbo record holders. The world record is 22 cm

In Limbo Land there was also workshops where people could make limbo hats and necklaces

Hawaii style

Gangster style

and limbo style

At night the grown ups would have a party, drink beers and dance limbo

At day kids would make things in the workshops and dance limbo

People could also hang out in the bat cave

The specially made limbo song was played at least 200 times every day

And every night

The best thing about Limbo Land was though that everything was made from trash scavenged at another music festival

Thomas Dambo and his team just brought all the most colourful stuff and together with the guests used their imagination to creat new beautiful things.

All the wood was trash, even the triangles in the mountain was trash from an instalation that needed wood boards with triagular holes

6000 holes = 6000 triangles

With this project Thomas and his team wish to show the world that trash can be both, fun, beautifull and amazing if you just use your imaganation and see the potential. This picture is 6 meter tall (21 foot) pile of trash left behind at a typical, western world, music festival. Have a great limbo party !!

Check out this video to get the full tour


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