Big Boss Bertel

Copenhagen, 2015

This recycle sculpture Thomas Dambo made as a part of Rising Architecture week in Copenhagen in 2015. Through the week visitors of the conference would burn tattoos into wooden boards together with some of Thomas’ assistants. Afterwards the boards was taken to Thomas, Hektor and a couple of volunteers who were building the sculpture in the area of ├śrestaden in Copenhagen. Inside the sculpture there is a stairway so you can go up and see through his hat to get a view over ├śrestaden.

The sculpture was finished for The Color Run where it would watch the many happy participants.

His name is Big Boss Bertel and is named after the culture minister of Denmark Bertel Haarder, who also made the first tattoo for the sculpture.

The recycled sculpture was build solely using recycled wood / scrapwood, from the local Stark, a Tiger store and some leftovers from one of Thomas Dambos previous projects.

The project was sponsored by insurance broker Aon.


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