Ben Chiller

Northside, Aarhus, 2015

Ben Chiller is a recycle sculpture Thomas and his team made for the music festival Northside in Aarhus in the summer of 2015. Ben chills to the music, blowing his hair back, and puts out his 11 meter long legs for people to chill on.

Ben was build with the help of a small group of volunteers, and made solely from scrapwood donated by local industries.

Finished recycle sculpture Ben ChillerBen chiller chills with the crowdRecycle bench legsRecycle sculpture watching concertmaterials for making recycle sculpture Ben Chillerconstruction for recycle sculpture ben chillerMaking recycle wood legs as a benchworking hard on recycle sculptureMaking recycle wood handsMaking body for recycle sculpturemaking recycle wood earsMaking recycle wood haircarving tattoo in woodGuests hangning out on recycle sculpture Ben Chillers shouldersThe crew who build recycle sculpture Ben ChillerRecycle sculpture make love


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