Anna Of Green

Hamburg, 2016

Anna of Green is a recycle sculpture Thomas Dambo and team build for art festival MS Artville in Hamburg in the summer of 2016. For a while Thomas Dambo had an idea of building a sculpture around a tree, using the tree’s crown as the hair of the sculpture. As MS Artville is placed in a beautiful area with alot of trees close to the harbor of Hamburg, it seemed to be the ideal location for executing the idea.

Anna of Green, represents a goddess of nature. Her body is within Mother Earth, with only her head on ground level. Her hair is a seven meter tall tree, and with this the artist wish to remind us that nature is within us all and something we must protect.

She was build solely using leftover scrapwood from the festival site and old pallets, and got her name from a volunteer named Anna who assisted in building the sculpture.


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