640 Birdhouses

Roskilde Festival, 2012

The 640 birdhouses project is one of the biggest projects of Happy City Birds.

In 2012 Thomas Dambo made a workshop where him, a couple of volunteers and a huge bunch of festival guests created and decorated 640 birdhouses from recycle / scrapwood. The houses were then hung up in trees around the main stage (Orange stage) of the music festival.

After the festival the houses were handed out to people on the central train station of Copenhagen, and the recievers were asked to upload there picture to the Happy City Birds Facebook page.

All the birdhouses for the 640 birdhouse projectUpcycled birdhouses at Roskilde FestivalClose up picture of recycled birdhouseRecycled birdhouses in a tree at Roskilde FestivalPicture of 640 recycled birdhousesgirl attaches hearts to recycled birdhousesGirl hanging out under birdhouse tree at Roskilde Festivalfamous artist paints birdhousefamous danish rapper makes birdhouse


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