Trail of a 1000 Trolls – The Trolliefolkyfest (English)

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Trail of a 1000 Trolls – The Trolliefolkyfest 

The book is a magical adventure featuring a little girl who befriends a group of the beloved wooden trolls made by Thomas Dambo. The story plays out in Denmark where the other main character Little Tilde and all of the trolls that Freja meets can be found by you in real life. Unfold the book cover and find a treasure map of Denmark to help you find all of the trolls of Denmark.

In the story someone wants to cut down the forest where Lille Tilde lives, so she must set out on an adventure to gather the giant trolls and find out how she can save her home.

Along the way, she becomes friends with a small human who is tired of her parents and would rather be a troll herself.

The Trolliefolkyfest is a story about friendship, lies, and the forest that must endure!

If you reside in United States you can purchase the book via this link.

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136 pages fully illustrated + the giant map showing all the Danish trolls!

Edition number 1

ISBN number 978-87-973162-1-4

Language: English

Original language: Danish

Release date: May 10, 2022

Format: Hardcover

Size: 297 mm x 219 mm x 10mm


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