Carpenter/all-round handyman

Carpenter/all-round handyman

Thomas Dambo is looking for a skilled carpenter (?) with all-round handyman experience to join our team in Gadstrup.

Artist and owner Thomas Dambo designs and builds giant troll sculptures made out of recycled wood all over the world. We also make a lot of other crazy things out of recycled materials and often have to make up ways of building as we move along. We are altogether 17 permanent employees of which 8 are builders with different backgrounds and skill-levels and usually we also have 2-4 fixed-term assistants.

In 2021 we purchased an old farming estate in Gadstrup (near Roskilde) that calls for improvements. This is also where we have built our new workshop. You will primarily be responsible for doing work on our buildings and over the next couple of years you must be ready to do a bit of everything including (but not limited to) fixing window flashings, mounting rain gutters, (re-)constructing of roofs, mounting solar panels, putting in windows, installing a toilet and shower, casting a floor and a bunch of stuff we didn’t even think about yet. You may also be asked to give a hand in troll building from time to time.

Recycling is at the heart of everything we do and therefore you must be open to the challenges and extra work that is necessary when building from recycled or discarded materials. We put a lot of thought into what we can do with the materials we have and how we can be smart about processing the materials we get. This also means that we often involve volunteers and interns.

Who do we think you are:
You may be a carpenter, craftsman/woman or another type of builder with broad experience.
You are good at following instructions and working independently
You are good-humored and like working with different kinds of people
You are able to communicate in English
You have an EU/DK work permit
You have a driver’s license

Some great things about this workplace:
We make stuff that makes people happy
We make innovative and simple solutions for recycling
We have pension and healthcare insurance
We have never been late to deliver a piece
We have vegetarian lunch together every day
Normal work days are 8:30 to 16:30
We have a lot of fun together!


Please write to us at no later than August 1st with the following:
A cover letter
Your CV
Examples of your work and/or references

We will be looking through applications as they come in so please don’t hesitate to send it to us early!

If you have questions about the position please contact our workshop manager Matthew McGraw at – he can also give you a call if you send your phone number :-)

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