Interning with Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo is considered the world’s leading recycle artist, and is internationally known for his art installations, most notably his giant troll sculptures. From a young age, Thomas’ parents instilled the value and importance of recycling and sustainability. His clever mind saw the opportunity to use free recycled materials to build tree houses, games, and artistic creations right from his imagination which has transpired into the life and career he has today. 

Working for Thomas Dambo

Different employees have different skill sets, and it is the goal to have people use their special skills as much as possible. But working at Thomas Dambo is an eclectic mix of duties and most days are never the same. All employees are expected to be flexible and help with the things that make the organization run smoothly.

The organization employs people on different kinds of contracts: permanent (not fixed-term), fixed-term; hourly wages; interns, and volunteers. All employees are of equal value and there is no definite work hierarchy between employees based on the kind of contract they hold.

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