Happy Wall began as a school project for Thomas back when he was studying at the Danish Design School in Kolding when he made an indoor pixel installation. The installation consisted of 289 wooden blocks, on spinners in various colors so that they could be flipped to make different patterns.

A couple of years later he took his creation and made a larger version on the wall of the office-hotel Dare2Mansion, next to his workshop. This one he though made with 4 different color options.

In 2014 Thomas was offered to make an installation on a huge wall at a construction site in Kgs Nytorv in Copenhagen. For this Thomas came up with a simpler, but waaay larger version, allowing anyone to easily express themselves on a huge scale in a popular public spot in Denmark. He named the wall Happywall, and it became a huge success. The wall was in Copenhagen for a year and hundreds of thousands of people interacted with it, many of whom took pictures and posted them online. E.g more than 7000 pictures were uploaded to Instagram with #Happywall.

Since then Thomas and his crew have made a Happy Wall in Las Vegas and are currently working together with people in various countries to spread the happiness even further.

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