Thomas Dambo has worked together with many different brands, festivals and organisations over the years. Some as clients for his many projects, and some as suppliers of recycled materials for his many sculptures and workshops.

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival is the largest music festival in Denmark, with more than 150 bands, and art installations from all over the world. Thomas Dambo has done many projects with them, including his Happy Wall project, as well as a birdhouse project involving 640 recycled birdhouses. Roskilde Festival has also donated “trash” for many of Thomas’ projects.

Danmarks Radio

Danmarks Radio is the largest broadcasting company in Denmark and consists of various radio and TV channels. Thomas Dambo has made a couple of projects for DR including a real size plastic elephant for one of their radio shows.

Arken Museum

Arken Museum of modern art is one of the most known museums of Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2015 Thomas Dambo made an installation of 52 camouflaged birdhouses for the museum as a part of an outdoor exhibition open to the public.

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful is a large music festival in Las Vegas. As a part of the festival they also invite great artists from all over the world to decorate the city during the festival. In 2014 they invited Thomas Dambo to make his famous Happy Wall.


At TEDx in Copenhagen in 2013 Thomas Dambo made the whole scenography for the show consisting of more than 50 recycle flowers made from thrown out plastic.

City Of Copenhagen

Thomas Dambo has made many projects for various organisations under the city of Copenhagen.


Smukfest is the second largest festival in Denmark. For many years Thomas has had a great relationship to the festival, and besides from being the leader of their grafitti team, he has made many recycle art projects for the festival including mr and mrs scrapwood, and Limboland.


TV2 is one of the biggest TV networks in Denmark. In 2013 Thomas Dambo made a giant recycle Rube Goldberg machine for the network. He also co-hosted the TV show “Vores Genbrugshjem” meaning our recycle home, which was shown in autum 2014.

The City Of Horsens

In 2015 Thomas Dambo and his crew build Troels the troll, a giant recycle sculpture made of scrapwood for the city of Horsens.


Copenhell is the largest heavy metal festival in Denmark. In 2015 Thomas Dambo made a giant recycle wolf from scrapwood called Olaf, as the main sculpture at the festival.

Culebra Es Ley

Culebra Es Ley was an art festival on the small island of Culebra in Puerto Rico that was held in 2014. Thomas Dambo and 11 other artists were invited to the island to make art projects. Thomas and his crew build Hector Protector, a recycled wood sculpture on the dock throwing rocks at polluting boats.


Northside is a music festival in Aarhus, Denmark which has a great focus on recycling. In 2015 Thomas Dambo build Ben Chiller, a giant recycle sculpture with long legs functioning as benches for the festival guests.

The Town Of Lejre

In 2015 Thomas Dambo made a big recycled birdhouse mural as part of a workshop for the town of Lejre outside of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Metro

During the construction of the new metro lines in Copenhagen the metro company has setup a big walls surrounding the construction sites, where artist are invited to make art projects for the public. In 2014 Thomas Dambo was invited to make his famous Happy Wall at one of the most visited spots in Copenhagen.


Stark is one of the biggest construction stores in Denmark, resulting in them having a lot of “waste” in wood, and other great materials for Thomas Dambo to work with. Therefore Stark have donates recycled materials to many of Thomas’ projects.


Arla is one of the biggest dairies in the world. Every year they make a big food festival in Copenhagen, and in 2015 Thomas Dambo are building alot of the scenography for the festival.


Dare2Mansion is an innovative office space for startups in Copenhagen. They also share their building with Thomas Dambos workshop, and Thomas and his crew have made several projects for them.

Amager Ressource Center

Amager ressource center is the main recycling organisation in Copenhagen. Thomas Dambo has made several projects for them including a giant recycle plastic flower at one of their stations. For various projects they have also provided Thomas and his crew with recycled materials.


Dyrup is one of the largest suppliers of paint in Denmark. Thomas Dambo has a good relationship to Dyrup, and they have supplied him with alot of wrongly mixed paint for projects and workshops.

The city of Odense

Thomas originates from Odense, and he has done many projects in his hometown including a giant recycled birdhouse sculpture attached to a cut down tree.

Visit Denmark

In 2014 Thomas Dambo made an exhibition stand for Visit Denmark during the EIBTM exhibition in Barcelona. The exhibition stand won an award for “most sustainable” exhibition stand.

Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum is a well known museum in Denmark, and once Thomas Dambo made an outdoor exhibition of birdhouses leading from a nearby station to the entrance of the museum.


Skank is a restaurant in Istedgade, Copenhagen, serving new style Scandinavian food. In 2015 Thomas Dambo made a series of upcycled dining tables for the restaurant as well as sign for the store.

Dansk affaldsforening

Dansk Affaldsforening is a union of 51 recycle centers around Denmark. Thomas Dambo has made several assignments for them, and given inspirational speaks to their members about innovative ways to use trash as a ressource.

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